Team Paddington

Elena’s key areas of focus will be:

  • Restoring the vibrancy of our commercial and arts precinct
  • Developing a Paddington/Oxford Street Master Plan, in conjunction with Sydney City Council
  • Appointing a dedicated Paddington Place manager
  • Upgrading the EJ Ward Paddington Community Centre
  • Implementation of the Council’s carbon reduction plan
  • A more equitable distribution of council funds for Paddington’s footpaths and infrastructure
  • Protecting our heritage buildings and trees
  • No over development of White City

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1. Elena Wise

John has lived in Paddington since 1974 and is a third generation Paddington resident, with a child who attended Glenmore Road School. John was a Councillor for the Paddington ward on Woollahra Council from 1995 to 1999 and was on the Panel that brought the Paddington Heritage Control Plan into action in 1999. He was a Deputy Mayor and chaired the Paddington Woman’s Hospital Development Committee that argued for a more diverse and sympathetic style of housing on the site when it was being redeveloped. As a designer, John has restored and renovated over 100 houses in Paddington and has been awarded 3 Heritage Awards for house renovations by Woollahra Council and runner up for another. He is passionate about a revitalisation of Oxford Street. John has always worked hard to keep the level of development in Paddington in context to the original heritage structure of the area.

Laelie has been a Paddington resident for over 35 years. Her sons are sixth generation descendants of John Cooper of Juniper Hall. Currently, Laelie operates a Legal Searching business and has substantial experience in helping to resolve problems concerning “dunnylanes”. Over the years, she has been active in Paddington community affairs through her membership of the Paddington Gateway Committee, the Paddington Society, St Vincent’s Hospital Community Consultative Committee, and the Woollahra Crime Safety Committee and was an inaugural member of the Paddington Action Committee. Laelie is concerned about the deterioration of Oxford Street, inadequate Council maintenance in Paddington and the need to encourage "neighbourhood" business.

2. John Normyle

3. Laelie Schwartz