No. 1 – Lucinda Regan

As a Councillor, Lucinda has advocated against overdevelopment and sought to preserve the special heritage and character of our area.  She has called for improvements in our development controls, actively pursued difficult issues and pushed back against State Government policies. She has advocated for delivery of local facilities and services for families and young adults in a manner that is sustainable to our built and natural environment and she has actively campaigned for Council to take control of Crown Lands in the area to ensure preservation of green open space.  She is an active member of the Rose Bay Beach working party, campaigning to clean up our beaches and waterways.  She believes there are many issues that will be coming before Council in the next term where the community will need a resident focused voice.

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No. 2 – Michelle Falstein

Michelle Falstein has resided in the Woollahra area for more than 30 years, having raised her four children with her husband Rob in Bellevue Hill. From learning to swim at Wylie baths to fundraising at the local schools her and her children attended, Michelle is weaved into the fabric of the Woollahra municipality.

Michelle holds bachelor’s degrees in Arts/Law and Science, and a Masters in Environmental Law. She practiced as a solicitor in the Sydney CBD for more than 30 years.

Michelle places emphasis on preserving and expanding Woollahra’s green spaces and public buildings, ensuring future generations have the chance to enjoy the local amenity as much as she and her family have. Michelle was a community member for the Cooper Ward, Woollahra Local Planning Panel (2018-2020) and a Founding Member and the first President of the Cooper Park Community Garden.

Most recently, Michelle held the position of Secretary for the NSW Council for Civil Liberties, protecting the rights and liberties of citizens across New South Wales. She now looks forward to turning her attention closer to home, representing the interests of people in the local area that is closest to her heart.

No. 3 – Hannah Thomas

Hannah Thomas has resided in Woollahra for most of her life and attended McAuley Catholic Primary School in Rose Bay.

She is currently studying Business and French at the University of Sydney and is working part time in the Rose Bay centre.  She is passionate about the environment, sustainability and in practising what you preach.  She wishes to preserve and expand Woollahra’s green open spaces and community facilities so that everyone can enjoy the local amenity of the area and its special character.